SCHOOL OF ROCK tells the story of a struggling musician who becomes an unexpected source of inspiration to a class of overscheduled prep-school students.

CYT Atlanta is thrilled to present this live production in Spring 2017.

Show dates and times:
Thursday, April 27 at 7 PM
Friday, April 28 at 7PM
Saturday, April 29 at 2PM and 7PM
Sunday, April 30 at 3PM
Friday, May 5 at 7PM
Saturday, May 6 at 2PM and 7PM

Audition and Rehearsal Schedule

Here is the schedule fo School of Rock!  So happy to have this amazing team together for this show!
Auditions: Jan.20-21
Fridays will be from 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Saturdays will be from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
No Rehersal March 31, April 1 for start of Spring Break
No Rehearsal for 14,15 for Easter weekend
21,22 (Super Saturday)
Sunday, April 23, tech rehearsal, 1-6 pm
Monday, April 24, 5:00-10:00 pm Dress Rehearsal
Tuesday, April 25, 5:00-10:00 pm Dress Rehearsal
Thursday, April 27 Morning School Day Performance plus evening show
Friday, April 28 call time 5:00 pm, show at 7:00 pm
Saturday, April 29 call time 12 noon, shows at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm
Sunday, April 30, call time 1:00 pm, show at 3:00 pm
Friday, May 5th, call time 5:00, show at 7:00 pm
Saturday, May 6th, call time at 12 noon, shows at 2:00 and 7:00 pm
Students who audition for the session’s production are not eligible for a class refund but may transfer to another class if there is space available.
That’s a wrap!


DEWEY FINN-wannabe rock superstar. Dewey Finn is a high energy ‘loser’ with his own set of rules. Range B2-E5, Rock Voice with ability to ad lib. Guitar skills a plus.

ROSALIE MULLINS—The uptight and reluctantly strict Principal of Horace Green Private School. Range B3-D6, must be able to sing both Classical Soprano and Stevie Nicks.

NED SCHNEEBLY—Dewey’s best friend, roommate and former bandmate. He is a push-over who is scared of his girlfriend. Range:C3-F#4

PATTY DI MARCO—Ned’s bossy girlfriend. She despises Dewey and pushes Ned around. Range: C4-E5

MRS. SHEINKOPF—Head teacher and support to Ms. Mullins

GABE BROWN—Often covers class for Dewey, thinks there is something off about ‘Mr. Schneebly.’

THEO—Leader Singer of ‘No Vacancy’

SUMMER HATHAWAY—a clever, responsible leader in the class. She loves success and earning good grades. Range B3-F5

TOMIKA—the new girl at school, she is very shy, but in the end has an amazing voice. Range: A3-G5

ZACH MOONEYHAM—Quiet and shy, Zach has a very strict father and feels very pressured. Range A3-C#5 Guitar skills a plus.

LAWRENCE—polite and mild-mannered, worried that he isn’t cool enough. Keyboard skills a plus.

FREDDY—has a rebellious streak. Range: A3-C#5 Drum skills a plus

KATIE—cool and fun. Bass or Cello skills a plus.

MARCY—Backup singer in the band.

SHONELLE—Backup singer in the band.

SOPHIE—In charge of lighting and special effects.

MADISON—In charge of sound for the band.

MASON and JAMES—‘security’ for the band.

BILLY—‘odd’ personality, becomes the band’s stylist.

NO VACANCY BANDMEMBERS—(assorted lines and group singing) Doug, Bob, Snake

TEACHERS—(assorted lines and solos)—Mr. Noble, Mr. Green, Mr. Sanders, Ms. Gordon, Ms. Bingham, Ms. Woodward, Mr. Janes, Ms. Macapugay, Ms. Wagner

PARENTS—(assorted lines and solos)—Mr. Mooneyham, Mrs. Hathaway, Mr. Williams, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Ward, Mr. Hamilton, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Travis

CAMEO ROLES—Sanderson, Stanley, Emo Girls, Security Guards

CHORAL ROLES—Students of Horace Green, Teachers of Horace Green, Fans